End of September, beginning of Falls

It looks like one of the first things I will be checking off my list as an Ontarian – I am sure I am not even allowed to call myself that for a few years – will be touring Niagara Falls. Since my touchdown in Ontario will be in Hamilton, my sponsoring Toronto family (I will talk about them later) will be visiting Niagara Falls that weekend while scooping me up, so it just worked and now I get the chance to check it out before even settling in. Score!

Since Niagara Falls is such a huge Canadian staple, we tend to hear about it quite a few times in our lifetimes. Here are some dumb and random things that go through my mind when thinking of Niagara Falls:

Here’s me and little brother in our matching outfits.

One: My first recollection of any kind of family vacation was going to Niagara Falls and Canada’s Wonderland in the mid ‘80s. I was the tender age of five or something and at that time I only had one brother – I have two younger.

My mom and aunt were both seamstresses, and as order falls in any Asian family and for basically anything, my brother and I were used as guinea pigs. They tinkered and played with patterns for children’s clothing, so naturally my little bro and I had matching outfits parading through vacation, because why buy two different fabric prints right? Ugh. Lol!

Two: That scene in the 1980s Superman II movie when that stupid kid who was playing on the railing lost his grip and fell into the falls. Obviously because it was a Superman movie, Clark Kent runs and hides while taking off his glasses and top layer of clothing – so no one would know he was Superman of course – and saves the day.


Man, if I had been that kid, Superman would have had to come back and save me a second time – this time from my parents trying to beat me to death because I almost died! Asian parents….

Three: For the majority of my life I’ve pronounced it incorrectly. From since I could remember I’ve pronounced it “Na-yeg-ra,” and have spelt it as: Niagra, but only recently have I noticed that it’s actually spelled: Niagara. Then why the hell don’t we pronounce it as “Na-ye-gara?” Or maybe we do… I don’t know, but I blame it on that stupid song – which brings me to the next point.

Four:  The Everyone Loves Marineland song – basically Canada’s second national anthem:

“… Niagara Falls Ontario
Is always a fun place to go
Seeing friends you miss
A great big kiss
Everyone loves Marineland.”

I swear this song was etched into every ‘80s and ‘90s Canadian child’s head!

Five: Nagaraya Cracker Nuts. Have you ever had these? They’re like crack, but for a while I pronounced it incorrectly –even though it said it right on the damn bag if I had just took the time to read. I called them “Niagra nuts,” and yes as previously stated, even that was face palm worthy wrong. Lol!


6ix: I need to find this sweater in my current size so I can do a “then and now” shot in Niagara Falls. Anyone know where I can find it? Lol!


I can’t believe how quickly September 30th is coming! Wake me up when…. yeah, yeah, yeah!


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